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Resident Advisory Board (RAB)

The Resident Advisory Board (RAB) "adequately reflects and represents" the population served by the Authority. HADC invited residents from all of our developments, races and ethnicities, special populations (i.e., youth, disabled, senior), special types of housing, etc. to be a part of the RAB.

The major roles and responsibilities of the Resident Advisory Board are to assist HADC in compiling the Annual and Five Year Plans, to assist HADC with advocating and applying for resources to serve residents and to provide input to HADC Board of Commissioners on various aspects of HADC operations related to residents.

Members of the Resident Advisory Board will select Committee Chair and Co-Chairs who will serve in a voluntary capacity. For the purpose of this board, a committee will consist of residents that meet together to discuss an area of their preference. RAB members can only chair one committee but may co-chair a different committee. Committee Chairs and Co-Chairs will be responsible for planning their own committee meetings which can be held via telephone, email, etc; however, all meeting notes must be provided to the HADC coordinator no later than three days after the meeting is held.

The committees are as follows:

Community Resources Committee: This committee provides guidance on resources for all families HADC serves. This includes program development, information referrals and community partnerships.

Legislative Affairs Committee: This committee addresses public will, proposed changes in laws affecting residents including HUD regulations and Authority local policies.